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September 16, 2020

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I am a mom, wife, wellness coach, leadership & yoga instructor, and woman of faith. My mission is to take all those lemons that life throws at us and make some amazing lemonade!


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My daughter desperately needed new clothes so in the world of CoVid I headed to my favorite place to shop – online (who am we kidding, I always prefer to shop online!).  Most of my children’s clothes are hand me downs and “nana” purchases, but every once in a while we need a few additional essentials and this was one of those times. I headed to the Carters website for their Labor Day sale in search of some good deals. While I was perusing their website I was drawn to these adorable onesies with the word “future” on them next to a designated profession.  I immediately chose the “future CEO” one because #boss all the way for my girls!

The shirt arrived yesterday and I put it on my littlest one immediately.  I was so proud as I thought about her dreams and the person that she will become.  I don’t actually care if she becomes a CEO, the shirt signifies that importance of believing something into life. I believe with all my heart that she can become whatever she sets her mind to and yet, as a society, this belief is starting to fade. We start out as children with beautiful dreams, but somewhere along the way our dreams get stolen.  It’s a bad grade that steals our medical school dream, a test score that makes us think we can’t get into college, a bad review from a boss that makes us doubt our hard work.  Society bombards us with things that we can’t do through social media, the news, and our day to day lives.  What used to me the place for the “American dream” is now the place of burnout, stress, and scrutiny.   When did we stop believing in our dreams?

While I don’t have all the answers, what know for sure is that the more people we bring into our lives, the more people have a chance to criticize us.  I see clients shy away from their employees because they are scared of scrutiny.  I’ve watched students switch their major after one bad grade.  I see people that share their lives on social media suddenly disappear because they were attacked.  Life/people can be mean, but you canNOT let them steal your dreams! No one has permission to take away your dreams and today I’m going to share 3 reasons to never ever give up. These strategies will allow you to shove the dream stealers to the side and go after what you truly want.

#1:  The Value and “Not” Value of Feedback. One of my favorite quotes from Brene Brown is, “if you’re not in the arena willing to get your ass kicked with me then I’m not interested in your feedback.”  Feedback is incredibly important for success and I encourage y’all to ask for it early and often.  However, feedback should come from mentors, people that believe in you, and the people that are working with you side by side in the messiness.  These are the people, the only people, that you should take feedback from.  Don’t let a jealous colleague, a social media troll, or some mean person at the grocery store ruin your day.   Your dreams are worth fighting for and I guarantee that the people that are in the ring with you are going to support every big, hairy, audacious goal that you have and then push you further. 

#2:  Start Living Like Your Future Self NOW.  One of my favorite tools to give clients is to write a letter to themselves in 5-10 years.  In this letter they write down all the things that they want to achieve, the feelings that they want to have and give into the world, and the people that they want to serve.  I ask them to make it as vivid as possible and then comes the most important part – I tell them to start developing the skills and living like this person TODAY!  I want their “Future CEO” self to proudly wear the shirt of their dreams every single day.  We become what we proclaim so proclaim your dreams and then watch them come true.

#3: There’s No Such Thing As “Too Late.” “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” George Eliot.   This is another favorite quote of mine which points to something that probably hits home for many of you.  You can still become your dreams now.  Didn’t get the job you wanted by 30? Who cares, start NOW.  Wanted to run that half marathon but ended up raising kids, working 2 jobs, and putting yourself last? It’s ok, go after that finish line NOW.  You don’t have to have it all figured out by a certain age. God gives us a roller coaster life for a reason, so that we can enjoy the ride.  Everything has a purpose and an opportunity to grow so instead of looking at a closed door and banging your head against it, either move down the hallway to an open door or grab a sledgehammer and bust it down.  Whatever you do, stop doing the same thing over and over and try something new.  Your dreams won’t stop if you don’t so never ever EVER quit!

There is nothing I want more for you in this world than to become everything you want to be and more. Most of us have no idea what we are capable of and there is never a better time to start going for it and pushing past your limits than RIGHT NOW!

You have everything you need right in front of you. The world is waiting.  Let’s go make some lemonade!

It’s YOUR TIME to live an Undefeated Heart life……. Let’s GO!

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