Let's Make Some Lemonade Together!


 I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls (and 2 dogs!), wife, and child, follower, and believer of God.  

 I am a leadership educator, certified health and wellness coach, yoga and mindfulness instructor, Real Colors leadership facilitator, and distance running coach. 

I am a speaker, facilitator, and consultant that has worked in the corporate, non-profit, athletic, and private coaching sectors. 

 I believe that in order to create the life you want you must first create a strong body, mind, and heart.  This unique focus allows my clients to achieve results that are aligned with their true values, sustainable over time, and gives them the ability to live, be, and inspire the world with relentless enthusiasm and hope.

My life has been anything but easy.

I was hired from my dream job and fired less than 2 weeks later.
I faced death multiple times.
Depression, disordered eating, and anxiety ruled my life. 
I was told that I would never have children. 

Today, you would NEVER recognize that person that I used to be.  I am a mother of 2 girls, wife, leadership educator, health and wellness coach, faithful follower of Christ, and love every single moment of this beautiful life.  10 years ago, I made the decision to transform myself from the inside out and I've never looked back. 

 I have truly made lemonade out of lemons and I want to help you do the same! 

When your mind and body are working TOGETHER instead of against one another you begin to build a life of resilience, positivity, energy,and a belief in yourself that makes you unstoppable. 

You create an Undefeated Heart life!


God, family, health, fitness, and making the world smile. (also dessert as a main course!)


Negative, judgement, and throwing in the towel. (also cold weather, staying up past 9pm)


Embracing every moment of life with love, light, and laughter and helping as many people as possible to do the same. 

daily rituals

The 5F Life: Family, Faith, Fitness, Football and FUN.... Rinse and Repeat. 

those lemons? 

they are just there to bring you closer to the lemonade! 

At the Undefeated Heart we build a strong mind AND body to create an unstoppable heart that never, ever, EVER gives up 

What We Believe



"We LOVE Lauren! It's like if your best friend and your personal trainer met your fairy godmother!  You NEED this powerful force in your life ASAP." 

~Abby G., Aubrey S., and Jena S.  

Don't just follow along but JOIN IN the Undefeated Heart Family!

The Undefeated Heart life is someone that has DRISHTI (gaze) to see the best, a MIND that can't be broken, and a HEART that is unstoppable.


These are not your generic tips and advice.  If you REALLY want to change your life and are ready NOW - this is where you start.  You have to believe in yourself and put your own oxygen mask on first.  This is that first step - TAKE IT!

Five ways to UPLEVEL your confidence NOW! 

The Undefeated Heart

let's work together

I LOVE partnering with other individuals or companies out to change the world for the better.  Click the link below and let's get this lemonade party started!