In Times Like These

April 22, 2020

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One of my favorite singers, Mavis Staples, sings a beautiful song entitled, “In Times Like These” that’s been a source of inspiration for me during these past few weeks. If you’ve never heard her sing before, here is a great listen to get your day started:

The lyrics of this song perfectly sum up what we need in this world.  “In times like these we need to be strong, we need to carry on, we need to get along, hold on, and right what’s wrong.”  The need for strength, both physically and mentally, has never been more of a necessity.  Physical and mental strength must be placed at the forefront of our personal lives and those that we care for and lead.  This is not an easy thing to do in these uncertain times, but it is essential.   If we are going to stay resilient and persevere, we need to find small things each day to make us feel good.  Whether that’s drinking more water, meditating, getting some fresh air, or sharing some coffee with a friend over zoom, it is our responsibility as leaders to maintain strength in our bodies and our minds so that we can take care of others effectively.

We also cannot do this alone. This is one of the toughest times the world has ever faced and to get out on the other side of this thing we need one another.   As Mavis says, “everybody needs someone they can lean on.”  This is the time that we NEED to lean on each other.  Although we aren’t physically able to see each other, there are so many ways that we can connect.  There’s the tried and true Zoom, Facetime, text, social media, and good old-fashioned phone calls. There’s waving to your neighbors or asking someone how they are REALLY doing rather than hurrying past them.  There’s donating to charity, spending quality time with your family, and dropping a card in the mail just to tell someone that you are thinking of them.  Lean on people, ask for help, reach out…… this is not the time to turn inward, it’s a time to reach out and connect to the world.

Find a way. Mavis sings, “In times like these, we need to find a way, to make a better day.”  In sports “find a way” means that even though the current situation appears impossible, your job is to find a way through it.  It’s not always going to be pretty and, in fact, sometimes it may be downright messy, but there is always a way.  Sometimes that may mean getting creative – like making fun flashcards for your kids with different workouts on them (winning!), sometimes that may mean parking your kids in front of the tv to watch Frozen for the hundredth time and praying that they don’t need anything until the end of your zoom call (sort of still winning!), and sometimes that may mean calling up someone your worried about and letting them know you’re there for them. Finding a way looks different for every individual and every way is exactly right. There is no perfect way to handle a global pandemic other than to keep trying. We are going through an unprecedented crisis and our only job is to find way to the other side and help others as much as humanly possible. Our goal is one thing and one thing only: that at the end of this trying time, we can truly see “a better day.”

As the fear and uncertainty swirl around us my prayer for you is connection, strength, and a source of inspiration to light even your darkest days.  Take care of yourself and take care of each other.  Then, “together hand in hand” let’s take care of the world.

In times like these……..let’s find love.

Mavis Staples

In times like these
We need to be strong
We need to carry on
We need to get along hold on
And right what’s wrong

In times like these
We need to find a way
To make a better day
Keep my feet on the ground turning ’round
Come what may

Everybody needs someone they can lean on
Everybody needs to lean on someone
(Everybody) everybody
(Everybody) everybody needs someone they can lean on
Everybody needs to lean on someone now

In times like these
There’s no one not to care, no
There’s no one anywhere
Who doesn’t feel it in their hearts
Gotta make a new start ya’ll

In times like these
Let the world understand
Together hand in hand
Every woman child and man
United we stand

Everybody (everybody)
Everybody (everybody) needs someone they can lean on
Everybody needs to lean on someone
Everybody (everybody)
Everybody (everybody) needs someone they can lean on
Everybody needs to lean on someone

Everybody needs something
Everybody needs someone
Everybody has a friend of friend who knew a friend of a friend who’s got a friend of a friend

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