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October 22, 2020

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I am a mom, wife, wellness coach, leadership & yoga instructor, and woman of faith. My mission is to take all those lemons that life throws at us and make some amazing lemonade!


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Your energy impacts not just you but every single person around you.  Did you know that if you have low energy you are less confident, less influential, less likely to eat well, and less likely to take care of yourself? Having good energy isn’t about being hyper-caffeinated and bouncing around from place to place in your day.  Good energy is about maintaining consistent levels that help you move from situation to situation with intention, positivity, and a clear mind.   This type of “lemonade” energy gives you that confidence to lead yourself effectively, influence others, and turn those lemons that life throws your way into lemonade!

I work with so many clients that just go and go and go until they crash and it takes them weeks, and sometimes months, to recover.  I don’t know about y’all, but I do not have months to recover so I needed a new plan.  I needed a plan that creates consistent “lemonade energy” so that I can take on the world so here you go!  Below, I created 3 methods to help you manifest the best energy possible so that you can lead that Undefeated Heart Life!

#1:  Know the “ebbs and flows” of your energy.  Are you a morning, midday, or night person?  Whatever time of day gives you the highest energy, do your best to schedule your toughest and most important things in that time block.  Not only will you be able to stay more focused, but you’ll get the work done faster.  If you try to tackle a tough assignment at a low energy time of day, not only will it take longer for you to do, but it will be frustrating and the work will not be done as well.  High energy times are also the perfect time to deal with difficult situations or tackle a tough workout.  Use your high energy peaks to tackle your toughest assignments and it will make all the difference!

#2: Focus on your transitions. We go through a lot of transitions in our day.  From waking up to working out, to taking our kids to school, to driving to work, from meeting to meeting and home again, to our  kids practices, etc. etc.   If you want to create good energy, use your transitions to let go of the last event and clear your mind for the next portion of your day.  I often do this by taking 10 deep breaths.  I use each inhale to soak in new energy I want to create and each exhale to let go of the old energy.  The other way I transition from event to event is to recite a mantra or put on some good music if I’m in the car to help me re-energize for what’s next.  My goal is to reinvigorate my body and mind so that I can be fully present in the next part of my day and not allow past situations to impact the present moment that I want to create.

#3: Defeat the “Energy Vampires!” In the book, The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon he talks about “energy vampires” which are exactly what they sound like.  Energy vampires are individuals or situations that suck the energy out of your day.  One of the best ways to deal with energy vampires is intentionally decide what type of energy you want to bring into a situation ahead of time.  So, rather than going into a meeting with an energy vampire and let things just “happen,” set an intention of light, joy, and productive energy ahead of time in your mind (or write it down if you have time!).  This will allow you to bring the energy that YOU want into the room rather than have an energy vampire overrun the room with negative energy.  If you can leave a conversation with an energy vampire full of light and love – you will feel UNSTOPPABLE. It’s literally the closest feeling that you can get to a superpower and I promise it is skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

As we head into one of my favorite times of year, I hope you bring that “lemonade energy” that is filled with positivity, enthusiasm, and light.  It will not only serve those that you interact with, it will serve you directly and there is NOTHING you can’t do with that kind of Undefeated Heart mindset.

Cheers to bringing the energy, destroying the energy vampires, and making some lemonade out of all those darn lemons!

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