Let’s Make Some Lemonade in 2020!

October 8, 2020

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I am a mom, wife, wellness coach, leadership & yoga instructor, and woman of faith. My mission is to take all those lemons that life throws at us and make some amazing lemonade!


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This is not a typical post, but it’s not a typical world right now.  With the  lack of fitness classes and group workouts, we are missing a huge outlet for so many people mentally and physically so I decided to do something about it.  I will return to my regularly scheduled posts next week, but today I wanted to take a minute and talk to y’all about the “Undefeated Heart Holiday Challenge” that I am hosting from November 2nd – December 20th.  This challenge is designed to turn 2020 on its head and make it  the year that you find true growth and love for yourself like never before.

Once I had kids, self-care became incredibly hard and Beachbody fitness programs stepped in and gave me short workouts (literally 20-30 minutes) that I could do from the comfort of my own home.   From there I got introduced to new way of eating, personal development, and new community of people filled with light.  It changed my life and now I want it to change yours.

So….. introducing The Undefeated Heart Holiday Challenge!

The challenge includes a personalized nutrition and meal plan designed just for you, a month’s worth of the “Shakeology” the nutritional shake that has changed my gut health completely after months of pain and irritation, access to a private accountability group, and me as your personal coach to help you every step of the way.  As a bonus, I am throwing in personal leadership development sessions each week as part of the package.  Did I mention that there are also prizes?!  Gift cards, dumb bells, Shakeology, and more! This is your one-stop shop to all things health, wellness, and transformation!

This challenge is not just going to transform your outside body, it’s going to transform your life and those around you.

You need this, you DESERVE this, and I hope that you will take on this holiday challenge for YOU and sign up today for this incredible opportunity.

There is still time to make some lemonade out of all these lemons 2020 is handing us. If you are interested in learning more, please email lcwicklund@theundefeatedheart.com and I will get you signed up immediately. 

Now, go out and create some joy this week and I’ll see you back here for your regularly scheduled programming!

With love & lemonade,


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I'm Lauren - the kick in the butt BFF that you never knew you always wanted 

I believe in embracing the messiness of life with authenticity, laughter, tenacity, and a glass of lemonade.  I believe that when the mind and body align the heart becomes unstoppable and I can't wait to help you achieved every single wild dream and then some!  Cheers to making lemonade together!

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