What Plans?!

I had the best of intentions this past Thursday.  I was headed into work with a full load of zoom meetings, a long “to do” list, and plans to check in on a few facilities projects.  I don’t go to my physical office very often with our COVID restrictions so when I do, I make […]

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To the Person I Used to Be

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I came across a quote from the “bossladiesmindset” on Instagram that read, “to the girl I was then: I forgive you.”  The quote hit me like a ton of bricks and I  just stared at it for several minutes.  It literally felt like a gut punch because I realized that I never really forgave my […]

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These are not your generic tips and advice.  If you REALLY want to change your life and are ready NOW - this is where you start.  You have to believe in yourself and put your own oxygen mask on first.  This is that first step - TAKE IT!

Five ways to UPLEVEL your confidence NOW! 

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