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We like it salty and sweet

I had the best of intentions this past Thursday.  I was headed into work with a full load of zoom meetings, a long “to do” list, and plans to check in on a few facilities projects.  I don’t go to my physical office very often with our COVID restrictions so when I do, I make […]

What Plans?!

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There’s a lot of judgment and comparison going on in the world today.  It may seem a bit different during a pandemic because we are currently judging and comparing the social media images of people and not the real life images of people, but honestly it’s not as different as people may think. I’ve read […]

Am I Doing It Right?

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In case y’all needed a reminder right, now life is HARD! I had a tough few days mentally this past week that I couldn’t seem to get out of.  I was in a fog of depression, sadness, and insecurity that I hadn’t felt in years.  I felt trapped, isolated, and scared.  As I tried desperately […]

Just Press Play.


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If you tell me your prayers, I can tell you your priorities.  Anytime I start working with a new client, I like to ask them what they pray about.  SUPER personal question I know, but it’s me!  The more deep that we can go, the faster I can help you transform your life.  This question […]

Prayers & Priorities


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2020 has not been easy, but as someone who is committed to helping you “make lemons out of lemonade,” I feel compelled to share that I’ve also had an incredibly magical year as I’ve gotten to spend lots of “little” moments with my daughters.  2020 has allowed me to watch them grow in the “little […]

“The little things are the BIG things”


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I came across a quote from the “bossladiesmindset” on Instagram that read, “to the girl I was then: I forgive you.”  The quote hit me like a ton of bricks and I  just stared at it for several minutes.  It literally felt like a gut punch because I realized that I never really forgave my […]

To the Person I Used to Be

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My husband got hernia surgery last week.  Surgery is stressful enough, but add in having 2 young kids, COVID, and a crazy time at work and I felt like the weight of the world was on us when we walked into that hospital.  I anticipating spending several hours there and good thing that I did, […]

Get the Heck Out of the Waiting Place!

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When I was younger I always wanted to be a “grown up.”  The birthday countdowns were huge, I couldn’t wait for Christmas Day, and I just wanted to be able to hit that next mile marker whether it be to drive a car, go to college, get a job, or have babies.   I was always […]

Presence is the Present


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Your energy impacts not just you but every single person around you.  Did you know that if you have low energy you are less confident, less influential, less likely to eat well, and less likely to take care of yourself? Having good energy isn’t about being hyper-caffeinated and bouncing around from place to place in […]

Bring the “Lemonade” Energy!


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